map_location-512Recently I changed cell phone providers to a company that focuses more on VOIP than Cell transmissions. I was doing some sniffing and inspecting of my VOIP traffic to see how secure my traffic was since it would be mostly traversing the internet now. (I <3 VOIP BTW) I quickly found myself elbow-deep in Wireshark again and was thinking about The Naughty List ( as I usually do ). I was wondering if there was some sort of GeoIP DB connector in Wireshark that would let me view the geo-location of some of the servers my cellphone was now connecting to. After a few minutes of searching, not only did I find that Wireshark comes with the configuration hook-ins needed for GeoIP DB info, but it can also output a world map with markers and info regarding traffic in the capture destined for the locations found. The html output doesn’t look as awesome as The Naughty List here at, but it is definitely useful enough! In fact, the same DB resources some of these blogs and Wireshark recommends are the same resources that The Naughty List has been using for a few years now. (more…)

20141109_144151Recently I have been moving around some furniture in my apartment, and anyone who has ever rented an apartment knows how difficult some floor plans can be when it comes to where your furniture can, can’t and shouldn’t go. I have been meaning to print a TV mount for my Vizio 42 inch flat-screen to allow my Kinect to rest on top to free up some much needed shelf space for consoles games and movies. Thingiverse has some great projects and some “print-ready” mounts for the Kinect on some types of TVs, but I wasn’t able to find one specific to mine. So I busted out my digital calipers and started CADing. What resulted was a modified STL from jherrm and his laptop mount for the Kinect. (more…)

opencad_pi-case I have been hard at work lately CADing a case for my raspberry pi that incorporates a Status LED, Pi Camera, Push Button and space for a GPS and thermo-sensor for a “Dash-Cam” like project I put together several months ago. Everything with the software works great and the GPS data overlays nicely on the camera footage, but I had the hardest time finding a case that was just right for my motorcycle and my hardware. Enter my XYZprinting 3d printer!

I have a few test videos of the device on my YouTube channel. Check out “Trip-Tracker” here. I have made some tweaks to the look and added some other info on the HUD But this will give you the overall idea of the project. I can’t take all the credit for the software or the idea. Martin was the one gracious enough to post his code and project to his blog for people like me to implement in their own way. If you would like to check out Martin’s blog or view the rest of his code, check it out here.


logo Hello Kommrads,
I am busy implementing a new protocol to be featured on the naughty list. After implementing a simple SMTP email server here at I noticed countless IP address probing for an “open relay” tying to exploit my SMTP server as a hop for malicious email. I am currently re-working the naughty list script to incorporate this traffic. You will see the protocol popping up here and there. Don’t pay too much attention as it wont be accurate until the back-end is in place. I hope to eventually intercept this rogue email messages and put up a naughty message list so we can all take a look at what these people are trying to communicate through poorly configured or compromised SMTP servers. FTP, SSH, and HTTP should all be working accurately and as expected.

Stay Tuned!

Hssl_certificate_003_400_x_400ello Kommrads,
There has been something that has been bothering me for a few years now and I figured I would post about it, since the deed has been done. For years, I have studied, practiced, and implemented security measures and I even turned it into a career! But was still providing its services in the clear (Over HTTP). After spending the better part of my weekend patching servers and upgrading code, I figured I would stand up my own Root Certificate Authority at and start hosting over HTTPS. This change now provides encryption and a significant improvement to your viewing security.

front_page_screenshotOverviewer for Minecraft is a brilliant little package for those of you who are serving up your own MC servers! It generates a web-app that uses a Google maps engine to display your world! Depending on the way its configured it can return a very large and very detailed map containing Points of Interest (POI) like villages, temples, and even player location! is proud to have finally and publicly launched OverViewer for the MC server hosted here. You can cruise the world (more…)

Minecraft_logoHello fellow Kommies of the T3ch!
I want to apologize for the last several months of my gross negligence of Minecraft especially of my Windows 7 Gadget Craft-Control. is currently running the most up-to-date MC server 1.7.2 with a new fresh world/map to guarantee access to all of the new biomes in this release. The server can also be queried via the Craft-Control gadget for Windows 7 at on port 25566. Feel free to use our servers as a test server for your gadgets as well. (more…)

ubuntu-logoI have been a very big supporter and user of Ubuntu since I discovered Hardy Heron (8.04) and dual booted my MBP to unleash its full potential. I have also been a self proclaimed crusader of open source software and personal privacy. In the past few weeks I have noticed that, with its growing popularity, Canonical has started to play hardball with its image and “intellectual property”. (more…)

badFBIsite So I was cruising the web a few days ago and stumbled onto, well actually redirected to, this monster scam of a website. In short, it is a fake site parading as an FBI Cyber Defense warning stating that it found your computer to have copyright material and/or child porn on it. It “locks your browser” with several hundred JavaScript alerts using the “onbeforeunload” method which is annoying to say the least and makes the browser kinda feel locked up. You can, however, unlock you PC by paying the “FBI” $300 via a Green Dot Money Pak! Let’s get serious folks… If the FBI found you had Kiddie Porn on your PC, do you really think they would let you off for $300? And do the Feds really not take Master Card or Visa? Green Dot? Really? (more…)

cary_thunderstormWe’re Back! And not only is back online, it’s coming to you from the East Coast with nearly 15x more bandwidth! The photo is a picture of a thunderstorm passing bye. While on my trip across the USA, I visited family and very good friends. I noticed that many of them have not been able to keep in touch with me as much as they wanted (I 86’d Facebook many years ago). Many of them have even resorted to following for personal and life updates of yours truly. I created as a type of anonymous opensource play ground. I keep personal things… well, personal. (more…)