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front_page_screenshotOverviewer for Minecraft is a brilliant little package for those of you who are serving up your own MC servers! It generates a web-app that uses a Google maps engine to display your world! Depending on the way its configured it can return a very large and very detailed map containing Points of Interest (POI) like villages, temples, and even player location! is proud to have finally and publicly launched OverViewer for the MC server hosted here. You can cruise the world (more…)

wp_bruteforce_opt1.png.scaled1000Hello everyone,

I wanted to spend a few minutes and try to illuminate this “everyone is stealing your passwords” scare over the last few days. Most of you may know about “The Naughty List” I have been keeping tabs on some of the bad things that go on.

First of all, I don’t consider a Brute Force attack an attempt to steal anything. Someone or something takes some wild guesses thousands of times in hopes that it guesses something eventually. It’s like someone coming to my house with a million keys and trying each one to see if any work. This method is far different then a skilled lock-picker with tools attempting to gain entry to my house. (more…)

Electronics and Component Distributors: Where do you buy your toys?

This post comes all the way from Raleigh North Carolina! I was out this morning looking for some Excedrin and Gatorade when I passed a store branded “”. Any one who is remotely familiar with purchasing cheap electronics online should know this place, but an actual brick and mortar establishment?! I was so surprised, I had to snap the above photo. Since I haven’t posted anything worth reading in the last month, I figured I would take this opportunity to talk a bit about buying electronics, and who to stay away from.


That, is my ceiling fan. In all of it’s glory. I am sentenced to my bed with Gatorade and Vics until I get better. Yup, I’m sick. So I figured now is a good of a time as any to try to post from my tablet using my WordPress app. So far I really like the way WordPress integrates with my android devices. I am a little worried that I am quickly approaching the limitations of WordPress. One of the main reasons I stuck with Drupal for so long was the decent IRC chatroom support by other Drupal community members. Today I spent some time on the #wordpress channel and found a lively bunch of WordPress users also willing to help a n00b out. Continue Reading