Category: Scam

badFBIsite So I was cruising the web a few days ago and stumbled onto, well actually redirected to, this monster scam of a website. In short, it is a fake site parading as an FBI Cyber Defense warning stating that it found your computer to have copyright material and/or child porn on it. It “locks your browser” with several hundred JavaScript alerts using the “onbeforeunload” method which is annoying to say the least and makes the browser kinda feel locked up. You can, however, unlock you PC by paying the “FBI” $300 via a Green Dot Money Pak! Let’s get serious folks… If the FBI found you had Kiddie Porn on your PC, do you really think they would let you off for $300? And do the Feds really not take Master Card or Visa? Green Dot? Really? (more…)