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Wish I got the cover out last night…

Nope, not going anywhere today. In my previous posts, I mentioned there are only a handful of weather conditions I won’t ride in. The last few days I have discovered two more.

1. Freezing rain – there is almost no hope for keeping a bike upright in freezing rain conditions.
2. No plowed roads – I don’t know what is going on with the city of Provo, but it has been snowing for almost 10 straight hours, and I haven’t seen a single plow or salt/sand truck. Snow is compacting on the road ways and refreezing. That spells disaster for a bike.

I believe these two weather and road conditions prove most dangerous for motorcycles and bikes alike. Two wheeled vehicles can’t afford to slide, especially in traffic.


Headed off to work today, after an un-eventful MLK 3 day weekend. Most of you reading this probably don’t know I like to ride motorcycles. I like riding motorcycles so much, I do it year-round! I have been scoffed at for declaring my devotion to two-wheeled motoring for some time now. People just don’t believe you CAN ride a motorcycle year-round. Well, you can! And I have been doing it for years! There are days, temperatures, weather and road conditions that make one-wheel-drive more of a death trap than a challenge, on those days, I ask the wife to drive me in her car. For all the other days between late October and early April, there are some tricks to get by.



That, is my ceiling fan. In all of it’s glory. I am sentenced to my bed with Gatorade and Vics until I get better. Yup, I’m sick. So I figured now is a good of a time as any to try to post from my tablet using my WordPress app. So far I really like the way WordPress integrates with my android devices. I am a little worried that I am quickly approaching the limitations of WordPress. One of the main reasons I stuck with Drupal for so long was the decent IRC chatroom support by other Drupal community members. Today I spent some time on the #wordpress channel and found a lively bunch of WordPress users also willing to help a n00b out. Continue Reading

Hooray! You did it.

Steganography is a powerful method for obfuscating messages. It is nearly impossible to detect! Please enjoy this pretty picture as your reward. Also know that you learned a very interesting forensic technology –And knowing is half the battle.