Category: 3D Printing

20141109_144151Recently I have been moving around some furniture in my apartment, and anyone who has ever rented an apartment knows how difficult some floor plans can be when it comes to where your furniture can, can’t and shouldn’t go. I have been meaning to print a TV mount for my Vizio 42 inch flat-screen to allow my Kinect to rest on top to free up some much needed shelf space for consoles games and movies. Thingiverse has some great projects and some “print-ready” mounts for the Kinect on some types of TVs, but I wasn’t able to find one specific to mine. So I busted out my digital calipers and started CADing. What resulted was a modified STL from jherrm and his laptop mount for the Kinect. (more…)

opencad_pi-case I have been hard at work lately CADing a case for my raspberry pi that incorporates a Status LED, Pi Camera, Push Button and space for a GPS and thermo-sensor for a “Dash-Cam” like project I put together several months ago. Everything with the software works great and the GPS data overlays nicely on the camera footage, but I had the hardest time finding a case that was just right for my motorcycle and my hardware. Enter my XYZprinting 3d printer!

I have a few test videos of the device on my YouTube channel. Check out “Trip-Tracker” here. I have made some tweaks to the look and added some other info on the HUD But this will give you the overall idea of the project. I can’t take all the credit for the software or the idea. Martin was the one gracious enough to post his code and project to his blog for people like me to implement in their own way. If you would like to check out Martin’s blog or view the rest of his code, check it out here.