Monthly Archives: April 2013

CHIN0001 For those of you that follow the Naughty List, things have been quite for the past few weeks. Today, however, China has really stepped it up! Over 7000 attempts on my FTP server in the last few hours. Check out the new pie charts on site. China is dominating with over 80% of the total attempt account. Just another reason to make sure you have policies and devices in place to protect yourself from all those things that want in.

wp_bruteforce_opt1.png.scaled1000Hello everyone,

I wanted to spend a few minutes and try to illuminate this “everyone is stealing your passwords” scare over the last few days. Most of you may know about “The Naughty List” I have been keeping tabs on some of the bad things that go on.

First of all, I don’t consider a Brute Force attack an attempt to steal anything. Someone or something takes some wild guesses thousands of times in hopes that it guesses something eventually. It’s like someone coming to my house with a million keys and trying each one to see if any work. This method is far different then a skilled lock-picker with tools attempting to gain entry to my house. (more…)