Monthly Archives: June 2013

Going-Dark-Still-e1357817594814-copy Just by way of Public Service Announcement, including all of its services will be going dark on the 28th of June and will not be expected to come back online until mid to end of July. We are in the process of moving back to the east coast and will be taking the servers with me. Feel free to check the Google cache if you need some scripts/documentation/help. We anticipate being back online before the end of the July. We also anticipate having much faster upload speeds to serve you content as fast as you can download it! Thank you again for visiting. We hope this humble little site has proved useful for you and that you come back and see us in a month or so!

email_white with blackIt has been quite some time since my last post and today I feel compelled to spill the beans on some magic many in the business world abuse: Email.

I am sure you have seen or know someone in your office that abuses Email. Maybe it is the person that doesn’t proof read their Emails and has to send out a redaction Email a few minutes later explaining a typo, an attachment they never attached, or my favorite, getting day/month/year wrong of an upcoming event. (more…)