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That, is my ceiling fan. In all of it’s glory. I am sentenced to my bed with Gatorade and Vics until I get better. Yup, I’m sick. So I figured now is a good of a time as any to try to post from my tablet using my WordPress app. So far I really like the way WordPress integrates with my android devices. I am a little worried that I am quickly approaching the limitations of WordPress. One of the main reasons I stuck with Drupal for so long was the decent IRC chatroom support by other Drupal community members. Today I spent some time on the #wordpress channel and found a lively bunch of WordPress users also willing to help a n00b out.

I had a few RSS feed issues to work out and a curl issue on the first install of WordPress. It turns out my original install of the OS was messed up and after reinstalling Ubuntu and WordPress the RSS feed and the curl issues were all resolved. I tried installing WordPress in a Microsoft web framework installer package. I ran into several SQL server issues which were probably the fault of my server that is already running so many services. I elected to install everything in a VM for portability and backup reasons and has Ubuntu run its on SQL server in the VM.

I have noticed an issue with WordPress that I have not yet resolved, that is, I cannot access the website from the VMs LAN IP address. To work around this I changed the host file on my windows box to allow me to access the WordPress site via its original URL. I believe this is an issue with my apache configuration but I have noticed the way WordPress installs itself, it does some strange things with URLs. I believe Drupal has the upper hand with this issue. I was able to access everything on my Drupal site in front of or behind NAT the exact same way. Updating and managing my site while on the same LAN is proving to be quite cumbersome. I will up date this in the future in the event that I sort out this issue.

Another work around for this problem is to enable DNS rebinding in your home router settings. Sadly my current router firmware doesn’t allow such a feature because of security issues… Can’t wait to change ISPs again!

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