PSA – Back Online

cary_thunderstormWe’re Back! And not only is back online, it’s coming to you from the East Coast with nearly 15x more bandwidth! The photo is a picture of a thunderstorm passing bye. While on my trip across the USA, I visited family and very good friends. I noticed that many of them have not been able to keep in touch with me as much as they wanted (I 86’d Facebook many years ago). Many of them have even resorted to following for personal and life updates of yours truly. I created as a type of anonymous opensource play ground. I keep personal things… well, personal. However, I have experienced a bit of a change of heart and will be posting some psudo-personal details of my life as they unfold. I still prefer phone calls and emails rather than flooding the internet with my personal and sometimes intimate life details. (P.S. I also update my Google+ account quite regularly and have an active LinkedIn profile). Personal posts will be just for fun under “Personal Note”. So if you are here for technical reasons and looking for some of my code, feel free to ignore any “Personal Notes”. If you are here to check up on how the family is doing, filter for “Personal Notes” and skip all the “techie” garbage! What ever your reason, we hope you find informative and beneficial!

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