PSA – Minecraft 1.7.2 and Craft-Control

Minecraft_logoHello fellow Kommies of the T3ch!
I want to apologize for the last several months of my gross negligence of Minecraft especially of my Windows 7 Gadget Craft-Control. is currently running the most up-to-date MC server 1.7.2 with a new fresh world/map to guarantee access to all of the new biomes in this release. The server can also be queried via the Craft-Control gadget for Windows 7 at on port 25566. Feel free to use our servers as a test server for your gadgets as well.

I have noticed from the logs that several of you have been attempting to access my old server with the newer client so I made sure to upgrade my serve immediately. I have also increased the number of allowed players as wells as system resources. The MC server is now powered with an AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black and up to 8 GB of PNY Optima SDRAM DDR3 1333. This server combined with my business class high speed bandwidth connection to the outside world should provide you and your friends one of the best vanilla Minecraft experiences around!

I am working on an adventure map server where you and your friends can come to and fire-up your own private instance of some of the top adventure maps around. If you have an adventure map you would like to host for you and your friends, post a comment or message blow or in the forums and I will get it on it!

Remember, takes its privacy and gaming environment seriously! If you have any issues with trolls, hackers, or abusive game-play be sure to chat

***help me!***

followed by details about the issue and all involved. I have scripts that regularly scan Minecraft Server activity and report events that need my attention. Enjoy the new biomes and if you see me online, be sure to say “Hi!”.

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