OverViewer for Minecraft

front_page_screenshotOverviewer for Minecraft is a brilliant little package for those of you who are serving up your own MC servers! It generates a web-app that uses a Google maps engine to display your world! Depending on the way its configured it can return a very large and very detailed map containing Points of Interest (POI) like villages, temples, and even player location! T3CHKOMMIE.com is proud to have finally and publicly launched OverViewer for the MC server hosted here. You can cruise the world and view creations here. You can also access the live map by hovering over “Minecraft” on the main red menu at the top of the webpage and click on “live map”. It updates every 15 minutes!

We will be adding more POIs as time and code permits. I also wanted to clear up some myths I found on the internet regarding the compatibility of OverViewer with MC 1.7.2. Many online resources explicitly declare that OverViewer needs a Bukit modded MC server JAR or EXE. This is not the case if you are looking to just render the world. T3CHKOMMIE.com strives to serve up the latest and greatest when it comes to Minecraft. We know you like to explore the world with new items, animals, and biomes! Because of this mission, T3CHKOMMIE.com only hosts Vanilla survival or “default” servers. So, we can declare that OverViewer will work on “plain-jane” MC Servers!


    • jules November 12, 2014 5:52 pm  Reply

      I believe I am running 1.8 just fine. I had to rebuild some network equipment over the weekend. I’ll see if I can get my mine craft server stuff back up this week.

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