Kinect Mount for Vizio TV

20141109_144151Recently I have been moving around some furniture in my apartment, and anyone who has ever rented an apartment knows how difficult some floor plans can be when it comes to where your furniture can, can’t and shouldn’t go. I have been meaning to print a TV mount for my Vizio 42 inch flat-screen to allow my Kinect to rest on top to free up some much needed shelf space for consoles games and movies. Thingiverse has some great projects and some “print-ready” mounts for the Kinect on some types of TVs, but I wasn’t able to find one specific to mine. So I busted out my digital calipers and started CADing. What resulted was a modified STL from jherrm and his laptop mount for the Kinect.

I preferred the look and functionality for his Kinect “bucket” design than the other ones and was able to CAD a simple bracket with a modified plug for the bucket to pop onto. It turned out quite well and the plug/hole modification I made to fix the bucket to the bracket was so well done I didn’t have to superglue the two parts together like I was anticipating. The main idea for the plug/hole design was to guarantee the Kinect would have a square fit parallel with the front face of the TV.

The bottom corners of my Kinect holder warped during printing. I didn’t have enough glue down on my heated print bed. Luckily they warped evenly and don’t look too bad. While calibrating the Kinect in its new home on my TV, I noticed the bucket gets in the way with the NYKO Zoom lenses on. It doesn’t look like it effects the viewing angle at all, but the Kinect did lift itself up and out a little when looking for the floor on its initial scan. The position of the bucket to the bracket and the top of the TV turned out ver nice and stable. the center of mass for the setup feels far enough back from the front of the TV that I don’t risk it falling off. There is a little play, but jumping around the room will only make it wobble (with the TV).

You can download the FreeCAD file here: KinectMountAndBracket4Vizio Both bracket and modified bucket parts are in the same file, just select the one you want to print and export it as an STL to send to your printer. I did this because it is easier to modify the sketch of the bracket for your TV’s profile and re-extrude the setup without having to change the plug/hole setup or re-modify the bucket from the Thingiverse site.

Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee anything or support these files. They are just things that worked for me that I am willing to share to save some other guy’s time in the event they try to undertake a similar project. Be smart when downloading files and 3d printing! Thanks to jherrm on Thingiverse for (unknowingly) supplying most of the complex file/work for this project.


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