Minecraft_logoT3CHKOMMIE.com makes a “best effort” attempt to support the Minecraft Community. Although MC is not opensource, nor is it free as in beer or speech, it is a brilliantly designed game. I believe that this game provides an excellent online gaming environment for all ages and is, by far, one of the more social games for recreational and hardcore gamers alike.

T3CHKOMMIE.com hosts several MC servers at a time, has developed “Craft-Control” (A windows 7 gadget for MC), and is currently developing a cross-platform software suite (Minecraft Admin Suite) to allow players from all operating systems to create, control, monitor, and play on their own MC servers or other online servers.

MC servers hosted from T3CHKOMMIE.com will be posted in this section of the site. Eventually online statuses of each server as well as instructions on how to hop on will also be listed. T3CHKOMMIE.com typically has one official release vanilla server running as well as a “bleeding-edge” snapshot server with patch for client. This is to allow the opportunity for gamers to play with the most up-to-date features and also provide Mojang with bug issues. The snapshot sever page will contain details about the server as well as contain the client patch and instructions on how to patch your MC client to get onto the server running the snapshot.

From time to time, T3CHKOMMIE.com will also host “Adventure Maps”. These are maps provided to the MC community be cheerful souls that wanted to share their creation. The maps, often times, require the solving of puzzles and team work. Sadly, these maps are usually only meant for a handful of users at a time, and once completed, are worthless. We will be providing these adventure maps as they are suggested or as they are discovered.

Have an adventure map you want me to host for you and your buddies? My resources are limited, but drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

Current upload bandwidth at T3CHKOMMIE.com has been severely limited by the ISP. I will do my best to make the MC servers playable, but bandwidth limitations may make the game unplayable. T3CHKOMMIE.com is located in the western United States of America. Game-play from any other country or the east cost may not be optimal.

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