CC Craft-Control is a Windows 7 Gadget made specifically for the Minecraft community. It is a very complex gadget that allows you to monitor 5 MC servers at a time, automatically. Configure it to watch you favorite servers and look for you friends and get a popup notification right on your desktop when they are on one of the servers! This gadget has some very intricate scripts and code behind it, but it has been out since May 2012 and has been chugging along nicely. I have updated it several times, fixing bugs and adding requested features. Make sure you subscribe to the sourceforge site to get notifications of new version updates, or check back here frequently.

You can download the latest version of the gadget here. And the MCForum post here. Feel free to also leave comments below if you are experiencing problems. My YouTube channel also features some Craft-Control videos explaining some features and showing how to set it up initially. Check out the channel here.

Current CC version is 3.3.1
Update includes:

  1. Bug Fixes: Mainly the state save issue after login/reboot.
  2. New Feature: Launcher button customization. You can now change what the launcher button launches. For example, you don’t want it to launch MC client, but would rather be able to fire up your server with the launcher button. No problem, just change the URL for the executable to launch what you want.
  3. New Feature: Custom sounds. Point the sound URL to a .WAV file of your choice to get a custom sound with your desktop notification when Craft-Control finds a friend playing on a server. Default is the portal sound and is reset when the text field is left blank.
  4. New Feature: Mute sounds. Insert an asterisk (*) in the text filed to mute any desktop notification sound.
  5. Performance: Improvements to code loops and the way it accesses the hard disk.

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