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channels3_backgroundT3CHKOMMIE.com has been a project of mine since early 2009 and it is intended to be become a sort of centralized knowledge base for opensource software. I also include tips and tricks I have learned over the past few years that can help everyone from the technically un-savvy to the security professional. I do all of this in my free time (which varies) and without any compensation (other than the fuzzy warm feeling you get after helping someone out). I develop software in my free time also, and also release it “opensource”. I do this because I have benefited greatly from the the opensource community and its software others have made and distributed with out any compensation and only for “the greater good”. The opensource community has restored my faith in humanity, especially when I see tech companies fighting over patent disputes and over charging for junk. I understand the SaaS and PaaS business model attraction and how lucrative it can be. But I believe, when it comes down to the user, these lucrative business models only frustrate and confuse.

The Name —

T3CHKOMMIE is actually my gamertag. From a young age I have had a fascination with “Mother Russia”, The Cold War, The Soviet Union and so on. My favorite game growing up was Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. I loved reading spy books about Russian nuclear submarines, and don’t even get me started on “The Hunt for the Red Oktober”. In winter, I sport a sweet Ushanka a good friend picked up for me at a Russian military surplus store outside of Moscow. My dad used to call those types of hats “Kommies” because the communists wore them. So, with my passion for the opensource community and technology, my dislike for greedy corporations in general, and my guilty pleasure of soviet “Cold War” military culture, fashion, and accents, I smashed technology with communism (in the pure “commune” sense, not the tyrannical dictatorship sense) and go the name “T3CHKOMMIE”. The “3” pays homage to the gamer “l33t” culture.

The Slogan —

“Social-Technology-Ism” was something that just came to me one day. I wasn’t too much of a fan of how socialism has become such a taboo or even evil phrase in western culture. I am afraid The Cold War, Red Scare, and McCarthy kinda ruined “socialism” for everyone. I wanted something that reflected community, social-ism (in the “social network” sense mostly), technology, and opensource stuff. Here again, I crammed technology into socialism and what came out just kind of looked, felt, and sounded “right”.

Side Note —

If, by some chance I haven’t already offended you to the point of no longer reading and in lieu of what you have already concluded from the reading above, I would like to make clear that I am not a Communist. Let’s leave what Joseph McCarthy started and the Cold War in the past. Lots of Bad things happened in the name of Communism. Then again, a decent argument could be made for the contrary and Capitalism. Personally, I believe in the Free Hand of the Market, Democracy, and Capitalism. I believe that innovation is cultivated and grown best when there is healthy competition in the market and laws to protect such innovations. I also believe that, while Communism and Socialism has some benefits to society and enticing to some, it is cold damp place ready to host the mold of tyranny and corruption. Please think of this all as a site that works hard for free. A site that freely shares code, programs, and information for no financial gain or social reward. You won’t ever find ads on a T3CHKOMMIE.com website or YouTube video. T3CHKOMMIE.com works hard for the greater good of the society of technology and opensource community while only expecting its “fair share”. Hopefully that illustrates the correct analogies to Communism or Socialism that the site’s name and slogan may infer. The only thing that T3CHKOMMIE.com, it’s software, programs, scripts, or code requires is to be given credit where credit is due and by no means may you take its work and redistribute it for financial gain of any kind.

T3CHKOMMIE.com works hard to inform and educate the people. Knowledge is power. Thus, T3CHKOMMIE.com gives power to the people*. The power of technology that is.

*Disclaimer: There are many political undertones throughout this site. This is mainly because of my sense of humor and nothing else. T3CHKOMMIE.com is not affiliated with any political party, government, or lobby-ist… or whatever.

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